Finding the right Graduate degree to achieve your career goals

Master and PhD applications

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Please register for a comprehensive graduate school admissions workshop series, sponsored by the METU Kariyer Planlama Merkezi and provided by American Advisors.  Registration is below the agenda on this page.
December 2, 2013 10:30-12:00

  • How to convert your career goals into educational plans.
  • What is the difference between working in academia and industry?
  • How to decide between different degree options.
  • What is the right time to pursue different degree programs?

Choosing the right university for you.

December 2, 2013 13:30-15:00

  • How to find universities that offer the right programs for your career goals.
  • How to effectively use rankings in your decision of where to apply.
  • What factors to consider when choosing schools.
  • How friendliness of schools helps you determine the right school.
  • How to contact faculty at your selected universities.

Writing a strong and effective statement of purpose.

December 3, 2013 10:30-12:00

  • How to determine what the school wants to hear.
  • How to describe your career goals.
  • How to leverage your past education and work experience.
  • How to connect with faculty and others at school.
  • What matters most to graduate programs?
  • What is the one thing EVERY METU student should say about his/her education?

Graduate applications

Getting great references for graduate school applications.

December 3, 2013 13:30-15:00

  • Strategically select the right professors for references.
  • How to guide your professors to give you the best references.
  • What not to do with references.

Optimizing your CV for graduate school applications.

December 16, 2013 10:30-12:00

  • What is the right format for your graduate application CV?
  • How to write effective descriptions of work and leadership experiences.
  • What information to exclude from your CV.
  • How to position METU on your CV.

Applying to graduate school

Effectively presenting your transcripts with their strengths and/or weaknesses

December 16, 2013 13:30-15:00

  • What grades matter for your program?
  • What to do about a low GPA?
  • How your GPA affects your test goals on the GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL.