Should I apply to these universities that keep emailing me?


University special application

Licensed under Creative Commons. Image courtesy of Tracy Hunter.

I urge you to apply to any of the schools that are trying to recruit you as a result of your SAT test scores. That they are extending special invitations is a strong indicator that you would be admitted (not a guarantee, just a strong indicator), although it doesn’t say as much about the likelihood of financial aid.

When they offer you a special application (like SMU’s “Mustang” application, or the University of Denver’s “Pioneer” application), I would probably use that system instead of the common application. That way it reinforces (reminds) them of their offer to you.  Please do consider submitting any apps to schools like this, especially when they waive the essays or application fees.  If any of these schools end up offering you a scholarship, you have that offer as a negotiating tool with any other schools you might get scholarship support from.  Of course, as you learn more about the school that is recruiting you, you might find that it is a good fit for you. 

If you do apply to a university that is recruiting you for their special application, you don’t need to remind them that they invited you, it is being tracked.