Statement of Purpose / Essay

Statement of PurposeFor Bachelor, Master’s, and PhD applicants, our SOP and essay guidance can be taken as part of the standard service package or as an ad hoc service without needing any of our other services.

You might apply to 4, 6, 8, or even over 10 different school applications and each one wants you to write 1 to 3 essays. While some writings are based on a specific subject, some may need to be built on open-ended questions.

Keeping in mind hat you have different deadlines for each university, you probably realize that you are facing a real challenge keeping track of all of them and writing them all well.

It may seem tempting to write a general essay to share with a large number of schools. Don’t! This could actually be a bad step and could harm your chances of getting into better schools. We will guide you through what to do to create the strongest essays you can.

American Advisors offers writing planning and coaching services to help you create essays you will love, and that will show the college you are applying to why they should accept you.

We will identify the most important themes in your writing about ensuring that you are at the right spot and we will work with you until your writing is as strong as it can be before submitting your application.