ServicesUniversity admissions support

Our admissions products and services help applicants to bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD programs find and apply successfully to the right universities to meed the applicant’s goals.

The schools you choose to apply to will be of great significance as you pursue a degree program to match your qualifications and career goals. American Advisors offers A to Z support products and services to American universities.

Support includes discussion of career goals, school and program identification, transcript analysis, reference strategy, cv / resume revisions or writing guidance, essay guidance and editing, completion of application package, preparation for school interview, and support after admission.

International career coaching

Early career professionals often enter the workforce ill prepared to navigate the complexities of organizational life. They have a fresh set of skills from their education, and it may take other skills and some delicate strategy to thrive in their professional field.

If you are in the first five years of your career or are planning to work in an international organization, our career coaching can help move your career more quickly. Career coaching can include basic services like CV or resume writing and editing, or to prepare you for interviews in English. For early career professionals in need of professional mentoring, a regular consultation to help you manage your career choices on an ongoing basis.

English courses in America

American Advisors is a partner with ELS Language Centers and can help students study at any of the 60+ ELS locations across the U.S., Canada, and even Australia.

If you are planning to go to language school in the USA, Canada, or Australia for yourself or your children, you will have many options with ELS Language Center. We can determine the language school that meets your requirements and make your application.