Preparing for Admissions or Job Interviews in English and the LinkedIn Advantage


Ingilizce mulakatlarLearn how to prepare for international job and graduate school admissions interviews.  Covered in this presentation:

  • What information to review before an international or English based interview.
  • How to find additional information that may help you get the job.
  • How to get over your nervousness.
  • How to prepare for different kinds of interviews: live, panel, Skype
  • What kind of questions could be asked in the interview.
  • What questions you should ask in the interview.
  • How to effectively use LinkedIn to prepare for interviews.

This presentation was presented in partnership with the ODTÜ Kariyer Planlama Merkezi during their Sektör Günleri events, American Advisors is pleased to provide ongoing support for current students and recent graduates through cooperation with the Kariyer Planlama Merkezi.