Uluslararası Master ve PhD Eğitim Planlaması

Yuksek lisans programlari

Uluslararası Master ve PhD Eğitim Planlaması Çalışmaları

American Advisors, ODTÜ Kariyer Planlama Merkezi işbirliği ile gerçekleştireceği seminar çalışmalarında yüksek lisans hedeflerinize ulaşmanıza yardımcı olmayı hedeflemektedir:

In collaboration with the METU Career Planning Center, American Advisors presented a graduate school workshop.

In addition to the many great questions, for students planning to earn a Master or PhD degree in U.S.A., we covered:

  • When to apply for American graduate programs.
  • What to do in the application process.
  • How to stand out from other applicants.

Some lessons learned and feedback from previous presentations:

The overall methodology of writing an email to get in touch with the professors I am interested in working with.

The statement of ”being able to say I have chosen this university because   of A, B or C reasons” helped me a lot to be aware of what it means to be ready to be in a good graduate school.

It was too complicated to decide which universities are the best for me. after this session, it became more clear.

The most valuable thing I learnt here was the fact that I had to introduce myself to the academic staff in my university of choice, and how to introduce myself.

Your presentation was great !! I appriciate it a lot! Thank you 🙂

The most valuable thing I learned is about getting reference letters. I learned how to request them from our professors and how to organize them in my applications.

How should I tell my story about my academic performance.

The most important thing was that we had information about how they evaluate student’s GPA and what to do if you have relatively low GPA .

“How should you explain your bad semester in an optional statament?” is the most valuable thing that I learned in this session. In addition, I have never heard about the “optional statement” before so it is a good way to explain yourself.

The most important outcome of the session for me was understanding the other side of the admission process. For instance, I had the chance to see the attitude of the admission committee towards references and CV’s, and therefore see what should be done to improve them. Another important outcome was learning to reason the fluctuations in my GPA and that it is a commonplace, humanly thing.

Awesome information. Thanks Dan.

I always thought the SOP is all about me but at the workshop I learned it should be written acording to the Univ. that we are going to apply so it should be Univ. specific.

The right format of CV. It was really helpful; I realized that I had cuople of mistakes in my previous CV.
Also, information about SOP was interesting, especially since I was very confused about that stuff.

The format of the CV surprised me and I realized that I did not prepare proper CV’s before.

Actually this last session was the best for me. Before that I was so sure that I really know how to write my cv and I thought it was perfect for me but after this session and the delicate tips of it I’m not that sure any more! I think it was really good, for me at least.

thanx for such a nice education 🙂