Essay and SOP writing, development, and editing

Essay and SOP writing

Need your master’s application essay and don’t know where to start?  Have some ideas, but aren’t sure if you are saying the right things? worried about your writing skills making a good impression?

Our essay development service will help you create a solid admissions essay to be proud of.

Essay writing process

  1. Submit your contact and academic information below and make payment.
  2. American Advisors analyzes the essay question and develops an outline for the essay.
    1. The outline serves as a checklist of questions for you to answer as you write the draft. This may include questions the school has answered and those the school has not asked, but you should answer anyway.
  3. You write the first draft SOP according to the outline.
  4. You notify American Advisors that the first draft is ready for review.
  5. We analyze 1st draft within 72 hours andprovide the following feedback and corrections:
    1. Grammar corrections will be made.
    2. Check that your content is parallel with the outline.
    3. Check for missing information.
    4. Suggest improvements in the:
      1. Story
      2. Content
      3. Grammar
      4. Language
  6. You update the file to a 2nd draft according to our feedback and then notify us that it is ready for a second review and edit.
  7. American Advisors evaluates the 2nd draft within 48 hours and schedules a videoconference to discuss final changes with you. Most essays will be finalized during this session.
  8. You can submit the essay to the university they are applying to.

Throughout the procedure, clients can email us with questions about the process.

The cost of developing one essay through this process is $300 usd, and is payable via the Pay Now button at the bottom of the page.

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