English Resume and CV workshop

Bilkent University brand clubIn partnership with the Bilkent University Brand Club, American Advisors is pleased to present the following workshops.  Please preregister with the form below.

English Resume and CV Writing

November 22, 12:30-13:30  (FFB 05, Bilkent University)

Learn how to prepare your Resume or CV in English for international career searches or graduate school applications.

  • What information to exclude from your resume.
  • What is the right format for your resume?
  • Where are the “hot zones” for the most important information.
  • How to write effective descriptions of work, student organization and leadership experiences.
  • Get a checklist to use before letting your new resume go represent you.


English Interview Preparation

November 28, 12:30-13:30  (FFB 06, Bilkent University)

  • Learn how to prepare for international job and graduate school admissions interviews.
  • What information to review before an international or English based interview.
  • How to find additional information that may help you get the job.
  • How to get over your nervousness.
  • How to prepare for different kinds of interviews: live, panel, Skype
  • What kind of questions will be asked in the interview.
  • What questions you should ask in the interview.