Finding the right Graduate degree to achieve your career goals

Please register for a comprehensive graduate school admissions workshop series, sponsored by the METU Kariyer Planlama Merkezi and provided by American Advisors.  Registration is below the agenda on this page. December 2, 2013 10:30-12:00 How to convert your career goals into educational plans. What is the difference between working in academia and industry? How to […]

Tips on Using LinkedIn for Young Professionals

Podcast: Play in new windowLinkedIn holds great potential for new graduates and young professionals – if you use it well. Here are 5 strategies for using the system that will benefit young professionals plus a bonus tip for entrepreneurs and startups. This presentation was given as part of Middle East Technical University’s Entrepreneurial Speaker Series. […]

LinkedIn Basics Quick Reference

There are many great resources for setting up profiles on LinkedIn. These will walk you through the steps necessary to create a solid profile and avoid mistakes. Effective LinkedIn profiles: Have a professional picture Look comprehensive and include all major sections Give details about past experiences Compliment the CV Show activity and participation on LinkedIn […]

Preparing for Admissions or Job Interviews in English and the LinkedIn Advantage

Podcast: Play in new windowLearn how to prepare for international job and graduate school admissions interviews.  Covered in this presentation: What information to review before an international or English based interview. How to find additional information that may help you get the job. How to get over your nervousness. How to prepare for different kinds […]

Creating an English CV or Resume

Podcast: Play in new windowThis is audio from a presentation about creating English CVs or Resumes for international career searches or graduate school applications.  It was originally presented in conjunction with the Career Planning Center at Cankaya University before an audience of first year university students through fourth year students.

English Resume and CV workshop

In partnership with the Bilkent University Brand Club, American Advisors is pleased to present the following workshops.  Please preregister with the form below. English Resume and CV Writing November 22, 12:30-13:30  (FFB 05, Bilkent University) Learn how to prepare your Resume or CV in English for international career searches or graduate school applications. What information […]

İşletme okulları için özgeçmiş: Sorumluluklarınızı nasıl tanımlarsınız

A blank page can be very intimidating when you start writing a resume, especially if it affects your chance of admission to business school. This post focuses on describing your past professional responsibilities, using the right words, and how much to tailor a resume to each MBA program you are applying to.

MBA programı başvurusunda iş deneyimi koşulları

Do you need work experience to apply for an MBA program? We break down policies of five leading business schools: Berkeley, Michigan, UC San Diego, Duke, MIT.