What is it like to be a PhD student in America?

Podcast: Play in new windowThis interview is with a Turkish PhD student named Selen, who is studying Marketing in Florida.  She has completed her first two years and this interview gives an inside view about what a student goes through during a PhD program. It is very relevant if you are thinking about a PhD in business, […]

Finding the right Graduate degree to achieve your career goals

Please register for a comprehensive graduate school admissions workshop series, sponsored by the METU Kariyer Planlama Merkezi and provided by American Advisors.  Registration is below the agenda on this page. December 2, 2013 10:30-12:00 How to convert your career goals into educational plans. What is the difference between working in academia and industry? How to […]

Applications to business school are up, your chances are down

Podcast: Play in new windowThe number of applications to business schools worldwide is increasing this year and it is getting harder to get into an MBA program. According to the Graduate Management Admissions Council’s 2013 Applications Trends Survey, released today, the majority of business schools received the same or more applications this year than they […]

What is a community college?

Podcast: Play in new windowCommunity colleges in America represent an option to earn a quality education at a more affordable price than most four year universities, and studying at one usually leads international students to continuing to earn a bachelor’s degree from a traditional four year university.  If studying in America seems out of reach […]

Look beyond the brand – How to choose from multiple admissions offers

Podcast: Play in new windowIf you are lucky enough to have multiple admission offers at different universities, be grateful.  You now have the luxury of a difficult choice: which one to go to! This episode of the American Advisors podcast discusses how to compare schools, some of the factors you should consider, and how to […]

Applying to American colleges as a dual citizen

While not particularly rare in general, applying to US universities as a dual citizen is somewhat uncommon. Guidance for dual citizens with US citizenship is sometimes hard to find and this status can confuse applicants to US universities, especially with regard to language, transcripts, and financial aid. This post explores dual citizens application approach. Impact of […]

Arkansas State University MBA alumni interview

Podcast: Play in new windowArkansas State University MBA alumni interview with Ugur Isikan about his experiences going from METU Environmental Engineering to Arkansas State University’s College of Business.  Ugur is a 2012 MBA graduate that maintained perfect 4.0 grades while leading three different student organizations in the business school. If you need help with your […]

Difference between applying to American and Turkish universities for bachelor’s degrees

Podcast: Play in new windowThis audio is an overview of the differences in admissions to American and Turkish universities.  Also discussed are ways to improve English skills and why they are important to the admissions process.  Learn what US admissions officers look for when they review applications.  This presentation was for 130 High School students […]

Yüksek lisans yapılacak okulu seçmek

Choosing a graduate school should be a rigorous affair similar to the challenging work you expect in graduate school. Making a good choice relies on the breadth and depth of your due diligence, which many students do inadequately. Go through this checklist candidly for yourself and you will be able to create a much more focused list of possible schools. This screening effort enables you to measure each program on it’s own merits.

LaSalle Üniversitesi MBA mezunu röportajı

Podcast: Play in new windowBülent Artuç, 2005 yılında MBA programından mezun olduğu LaSalle Üniversitesi ile ilgili deneyimlerini paylaşıyor. Bu röportajda staj deneyimlerinin ne kadar önemli olabileceğini, Türkiye’yi ziyaretleri sırasında üniversitelere nasıl ulaşılabileceğini ve program sırasında Bülent’in deneyimledikleri hakkında bilgi edinebilirsiniz. LaSalle’de birçok Türk öğrenci bulunduğundan, eğer bu okulu göz önünde bulunduruyorsanız, bu röportaj size yardımcı […]