Evaluating your professional qualifications for graduate school

“Work experience” generally represents parts of your application that are not evaluated on the transcripts or test scores. The category includes related work experience and internships, of course, and also related research experience. Different academic programs have different preferences about what makes a strong professional background, so let’s look at a few popular examples. Evaluating […]

Preparing for Admissions or Job Interviews in English and the LinkedIn Advantage

Podcast: Play in new windowLearn how to prepare for international job and graduate school admissions interviews.  Covered in this presentation: What information to review before an international or English based interview. How to find additional information that may help you get the job. How to get over your nervousness. How to prepare for different kinds […]

Preparing for a job interview or graduate school admissions interview

Podcast: Play in new windowThis is audio from the job and graduate school interview presentation American Advisors gave at Bilkent University in November 2012.

Kariyer planlaması yüksek lisans derecesi tercihlerini etkiler

Any decision to go to graduate school or pursue an advanced degree must start with a career plan analysis. It is an important step to help define the graduate degree plans that will help you achieve your career goals. Without it, you may end up in the wrong kind of program or even make an unanticipated career change later in life when the consequences are even higher.