When should I start my preparation for the 2018 university applications?

Now! Yes, you might have already been late to start your preparation if you have not done anything yet. A big difference between the university applications of the US universities vs. the universities in the most part of the world is simple: the former has a much earlier deadline than the latter. Based on the […]

Should I apply to these universities that keep emailing me?

  I urge you to apply to any of the schools that are trying to recruit you as a result of your SAT test scores. That they are extending special invitations is a strong indicator that you would be admitted (not a guarantee, just a strong indicator), although it doesn’t say as much about the […]

What is it like to be a PhD student in America?

Podcast: Play in new windowThis interview is with a Turkish PhD student named Selen, who is studying Marketing in Florida.  She has completed her first two years and this interview gives an inside view about what a student goes through during a PhD program. It is very relevant if you are thinking about a PhD in business, […]

Typical PhD Application Checklist

The following items are normally part of all applications for PhD programs, though in some instances one or more of these items may not be required. Application form (usually online forms and submission) Application fee (typically $40 – $100) Standardized test (GRE or GMAT) English language test (TOEFL, IELTS, or the Pearson Test of Academic English) […]

Extracurricular activities

Podcast: Play in new windowThis video presentation shows high school students the importance of doing extracurricular activities throughout 9-12 grade, how to choose activities, how they can affect the US university applications later on, and more.  The presentation runs just over 24 minutes, and the same slides are presented below, in Turkish.   Extracurricular Activities […]

Yöneticiler için ABD’de İngilizce Programı – ELS Atlanta

Merhaba, Ben Cenk Doyan, Coca-Cola Türkiye’de satış departmanında çalışıyorum. 13 Ekim -10 Kasım 2013 tarihleri arasında American Advisors firması aracılığıyla Amerika’da özel bir İngilizce programı olan EFE (English for Executives) ’ye katıldım. Bu süreçte, American Advisors’dan Burcu Hanım’dan seyahat öncesi uygun eğitim içeriğinin belirlenmesi,vize işlemleri, I-20 belgesi,konaklama ve karşılanmam konularında, bunun dışında yurt dışındaki eğitim […]

Dual citizen parents need to file taxes for increased financial aid eligibility

In a previous post we discussed applying to bachelor’s degrees as a dual citizen. This post provides information for parents who are dual citizens about the importance of and resources to complete US taxes so their students can submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA is generally required by universities as […]

Spellcheck Plus review: online spelling and grammar checker for admissions essays

Spellcheck Plus is a pretty decent online grammar and spelling analysis tool for people whose native language is not English.  It does many pretty good things, but has one glaring drawback, compared to other online products. Spellcheck Plus seems to use a different analysis mechanism, not based on the same technology as other online tools that offer […]

Can I apply to university in the Early Decision round?

You can apply to any school in any round where you can submit the required items by the deadline, and where you can meet the school’s commitment requirements. That means if the round is “restrictive” you are forced to enroll if you admitted. This requires your parent’s approval, because you have to accept their enrollment […]

Evaluating your professional qualifications for graduate school

“Work experience” generally represents parts of your application that are not evaluated on the transcripts or test scores. The category includes related work experience and internships, of course, and also related research experience. Different academic programs have different preferences about what makes a strong professional background, so let’s look at a few popular examples. Evaluating […]