Applying to US universities? Use a Google account to keep track of everything.

How to organize your university applications

Licensed under Creative Commons. Image courtesy of net_efekt.

Applying to university can be complicated, right? With all the forms, required documents, deadlines, and emails back and forth, it can be tough to keep track of everything. Missing one deadline, overlooking an important email, or forgetting one document could be the end of a dream. This is a podcast episode explaining why you should use a Google account for your university applications and several tips about using features in Gmail and Google Docs to organize your university applications.

Here are bonus tips not included in the podcast:

  • Gmail addresses also ignore anything after a plus sign +.  Using the same example:,, and are all the same.
  • Gmail addresses can have a dot in the address portion anywhere and Google reads the address as if the dot was not there. To illustrate: is the same address as

The value in these tips is that they allow you an unlimited number of “different” email addresses so you can use one for each university. Doing so will increase your ability to keep email you receive from each school separated by using the tip on filters explained in the podcast (just filter on the “To:” address instead of the “From:” domain).